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16-17. July 2016.

Magical Eage Arrow From Heaven "Hood" had a successfull weekend in Serbia.
I'm really proud of hm, because it was the longest way with himand this was his first show.

16. July- Raca
exc. 1., CAC., BOB, BOG I.
Judge: Sasa Jesic (SRB)

17. July- Paracin
exc. 1., CAC., BOB, BOG II.
Judge: Matejevits Nenad (SRB)

He fullfilled the conditions for Serbian Champion!

28. May 2016.

Magical Eage Back to Canyonland "Julie" successfully passed the BH-exam!
Congratulation to her owners and we are looking forward new results!
I am really proud.

6. May 2016.


Finally we had a erally nice weather to take some photoes about Mol and Fay.
More pictures on our FB-site.

3. May 2016.

Happy 4th Birthday Litter A!

18. March 2016.

Long weekend in Budapest!
Hood először járt a nagyvárosban és minden várakozásomat felül múlta. Eddigi kisvárosi
létéből belecsöppent egy teljesen új környezetbe, amit remekül viselt. Hamarosan újabb kalandok
elé néz a fiatal úr. Bízom benne, hogy ott is helyt fog állni.

31. January 2016.

Fay and an intelligence toy!

5. January 2016.

Happy Birthday Fay!

1. January 2016.

Happy New Year!